No More Wine and Yoga!

Okay, not necessarily. You can still have wine. And you can still do yoga. There is no ban. But at Unique Yoga Events we really enjoyed planning our Yoga in the Vineyard classes this summer! So much to the point, we are really sad summer is almost over (being that snow is unfriendly to a yoga practice). Not to fear, though! We are in the midst of planning new classes for next year. However, this summer UYE Yogis from all over New Jersey joined Unique Yoga Events for eleven Yoga and Wine Tastings. We are super thankful for all those that participated in these fun events. There really isn’t a better way to practice yoga than outdoors on a beautiful summer day (with wine!). We only have a few classes left actually, tomorrow being one. Don’t be afraid to come join us to ‘wine and unwind’.1010510_178252052351324_1106010687_n - Copy