Ahimsa for the Holidays

4da8995ccfcbcd860944b2b77dfa9078It all started with a beautiful Michael Khors bag in TJMaxx I just ‘had’ to have. (Yes, I know. I am working on my five Yamas, too.) As a admire the bag a woman, probably mid-thirties, snatches it out of my hands. No joke here. This woman literally takes the bag right out of my hands and proceeds to tell me, very defensively, that she was looking at this bag earlier and she just decided she was going to buy it. She stood there, waiting for me to fight back I think, but I honestly couldn’t find words. Really, I thought?

Granted I was a little upset. I wanted this bag. But after a ten second brain process I realized the humor in this situation. Here I was coveting this bag that I didn’t need, nor could afford, and feeling slightly guilty about my desire, when all of a sudden a stranger ‘steals’ it right out of my hands. It was like God came to earth in human form to say “No bag for you!!” I took it as a sign, and let them woman have the bag. (As if I was going to fight her for it?! I am sure some people would have. Good deal, people!)

Anyway, the point I want to make is that very often the holiday shopping season is littered with acts of violence, aggression, and covetousness. Does this sound appropriate for a season supposed to be about thankfulness, giving and life? Maybe it is sadly expected, but it doesn’t mean you have to spread it around like a disease yourself. It starts and ends with you.

“Non-violence is unconditional love, it is true compassion. We achieve that non-violence by learning to love and be loved; but how is it possible to love and be loved if we choose to escape or ignore some aspects of  ourselves?” – Unknown

Thoughts of guilt (buying too much), shame (buying more), resentment (crap, I didn’t have money for that), and disappointment all have a seed of violence within them. Now I am not saying boycott all holiday shopping, but perhaps after reading this you can take the values of Ahimsa with you to the mall this year.  When you buy something, do it with gratitude because you can afford it. Buy it with love for someone else.

This year don’t just buy gifts for family and friends,  give the gift of peace to the world. Minimize the violence you inflict on others and yourself.

Because of my ‘awakening’ at TJMaxx, I want to spread the gift of yoga and Ahimsa a little further this season. I am continuing the Unique Yoga Events special on at home personal yoga sessions – buy four, get one free – until December 31st. So perhaps this is an opportunity to buy a gift certificate for yourself or a loved one. Unique Yoga Events, LLC aims to bring yoga to more people outside the studio space. We work with children, senior citizens, couples, singles, people with disabilities by offering personalized yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home or studio rental. Everyone can benefit from yoga – especially during the holiday season!

Eat well. Give. And do more yoga.


Jamie L. Taylor, Founder Unique Yoga Events, LLC





At Home Mini Yoga Retreat – Your Guide to Beating Holiday Stress and Weight


It’s that holiday time of year again! Wish you could beat off the holiday weight? How about banish some of that holiday stress? We got you covered at Unique Yoga Events. Our personal yoga instruction is available through out Morris County, New Jersey. We work with all types of clients – couples, singles, children, seniors – right in the comfort of their own home!

These personalized at home classes are fantastic for anyone with physical challenges, looking to get closer with children or a spouse, or even just those wanting to perfect and understand the basics of yoga prior to hitting the studios. We believe everyone deserves yoga. Our unique in house yoga instruction is a great way to stay fit, stay relax, and stay inside this winter!

Teens Benefit From Yoga

Remember what it is like to be a teen? Everyone’s experience was different, but it is hard to argue that it wasn’t stressful at times. The more events we do and the more people we connect with, the more we could argue that TEENS NEED YOGA! But don’t just take our word for it…. Let’s discuss some benefits.

Self Confidence

It isn’t uncommon for teens to struggle with self-esteem or body issues. Bodies change and peer pressure and the media can make teens quick to judge themselves and others. Yoga helps foster a sense of love for oneself and the community. By withdrawing from the outside world and looking inward teens can begin to discover and value their minds in a new way. Teen Yoga also helps with self-awareness and highlights the body’s beautiful capabilities. This may be an eye opening experience for teens that are not athletic, as well.

Improved Physical Fitness

Let’s admit it – most of us DID NOT like participating in gym class, at least not in every activity. Much of that is still true for todays imagine driven teenage population. Add onto that computers, video games, TV and cell phones (they don’t even have to WALK to the phone anymore!) teenagers are more likely to be sedentary than a couple decades ago. Even for fit teenagers, like athletes, yoga provides a different form of fitness and health like stretching and mental wellness.

It is Non-Competitive

This is one of my favorites. There are not too many activities out there for teenagers that are not competitive in some nature. There are also teenagers that do not mesh well with competitive activities or sports. Yoga is a non-competitive environment that encourages individuality and personal growth.

Better Hygiene

So you may be scratching your head at this one….but it’s true. In yoga the body is considered a temple to be treated with respect. It sometimes happen, as teenage girls move through different hormonal periods, that reminders about the body’s cleanliness are needed. Yoga helps to instill these values in a positive way. Even for boys with messy rooms…messy rooms equal messy minds!

Relieves Anxiety

And finally, yoga relieves anxiety. With all these things to worry about…school, sexuality, friends, homework, activities…teenagers can often feel stressed. According to Yoga Journal it is found that yoga can reduce anxiety within teens. One teen yoga class a week can provide an overwhelming amount of benefits. 

No More Wine and Yoga!

Okay, not necessarily. You can still have wine. And you can still do yoga. There is no ban. But at Unique Yoga Events we really enjoyed planning our Yoga in the Vineyard classes this summer! So much to the point, we are really sad summer is almost over (being that snow is unfriendly to a yoga practice). Not to fear, though! We are in the midst of planning new classes for next year. However, this summer UYE Yogis from all over New Jersey joined Unique Yoga Events for eleven Yoga and Wine Tastings. We are super thankful for all those that participated in these fun events. There really isn’t a better way to practice yoga than outdoors on a beautiful summer day (with wine!). We only have a few classes left actually, tomorrow being one. Don’t be afraid to come join us to ‘wine and unwind’.1010510_178252052351324_1106010687_n - Copy

Make Your Next Event a Yoga Event

Attain inner peace and tranquility while throwing a one-of-a-kind party or special event with Unique Yoga Events, located in Northern New Jersey.

We want to help make your next event unforgettable be it a wedding, birthday party or corporate event. Our instructors are all trained, certified and experienced, so you can rest-assured you’re getting a quality yoga session with a certified and trained yoga professional.

In addition to making your next event memorable, Unique Yoga Events provides a fun and safe atmosphere to bond with friends, family and coworkers. These events can take place in the comfort of your home, a professional studio, or even onsite at a wedding or place of business. We are totally flexible and available at your convenience.

Looking for a fun girls-night out? How about a unique baby shower theme? The possibilities are endless. We’re here to provide a healthy, unique alternative to your standard, run-of-the-mill event. Our classes and events will leave you with a feeling of happiness, a sense of calm and overall well-being.

Why yoga? Yoga is fun, relaxing, and great for your health! Yoga incorporates special breathing techniques to re-energize the body, meditation to calm the mind all while improving balance, flexibility and core-strength. We can also match your skill level to ensure everyone has a safe and beneficial workout. Whether your group is full of highly experienced yoga enthusiasts or you’re all brand new to the discipline, our instructors will find the poses and rhythm to match. Yoga (when practiced correctly) is safe for all ages, so everyone in your party can be included.

For more information or to schedule a unique yoga event, contact us at 973-820-8904 or uniqueyogaevents@yahoo.com. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and quote you a price for your next event.

We look forward to hearing from you!